Curriculum Vitae

Personal details
Name: Ivana Hessová
Born: Jun 9th, 1962 in Volary
Nationality: Czech
Home address: U družstva Život 23, 140 00 Prague 4
Phone : +420 241 412 417, 606 952 175

1978-81 Teachers' Training Secondary School (Prachatice)
1983-87 Theatre Academy of Arts (Praha)

Artistic Career:
1981-83 Member of the professional group "Malé divadlo" (The Tiny Theatre), participation in both local and international theatre festivals
1987-91 Member of the alternative group AKABAL later TUJU (study according to Barba and Grotovski method), successful performances presented in many festivals abroad (Denmark, Austria, Germany, Mexico, U.S.A.)
Since 1981 Member of Theatre Les Montreurs D'Images in Geneva (1991- 1996 studying and working stay in Geneva)
Since 1996 Dance lecturer at Jezek's Art Conservatory, Dag Studio in Prague, Citadela Studio (an art-therapeutic centre in Prague)

Theatre projects:
1991-2001 Performances, happenings, workshops presented by Les Montreurs D'Images
Since1997 Swiss-Czech project at the Castle of Mnichovo Hradiště - Diversity-Tolerance-Meetings, New Meetings
2002 She founded the "Rozmaryn" theatre group
June 2003 The Prague Quadrennial - "Smell" - she participated in this performance together with South African artists as actress and dancer

Familiarizing with Indian classical dance Kathak:
Since 1991 I have intensely studied Kathak, the classical dance of India and I have also been deeply concerned about Indian philosophy.
1991-95 Theatre Montreurs D'Images, Geneva, study of Indian dance Kathak under the guidance of professor Nathalie Rapaille
1991-96 Participation in one week long residencies given by masters Mata Prasad Mishra and Ravi Shankar Mishra in Switzerland
1997 Residency at master Mata Prasad Mishra's in India - Varanasi
1998 Geneva, Switzerland, as dancer and actress she takes part in an elaborately staged performance Draupadi - part of a Vedic myth Mahabharata realised by the theatre Montreurs D'Images and Mr. Mata Prasad Mishra
Since 1997 She has taught Kathak dance at summer projects at the castle of Mnichovo Hradiště
1999 Prague, Czech republic, within the Citadela Studio she organised and realised a dancing performance (Theatre Komedie and Experimental studio Roxy) a one week long workshop of Indian dance for Czech students lead by master of Kathak Mr. Mata Prasad Mishra
1999 Her daughter Anežka starts to study Kathak intensely
2001 Together with her daughter she took a residency in Bangalore at guru Nirupama Rajendra's (Lucknow Gharana) and in Benares at guru Mata Prasad Mishra's (Benares Gharana)
2001 July As dancer and director she creates a performance called Indian Inspiration which is not only a demonstration of Kathak but also an expression of feelings and respect to India and especially to Indian women
2002 She encounters Dr. Navina Jaffa, an Indian kathak dancer - performances, workshops
2002 - 2003 Together with "DAMARU" (Ivana Hessova, Anezka Hessova, Tomas Reindl, Elena Kubickova) she performs at the film festival Febiofest, a theatre festival Winteruv Rakovnik, at the Forman Brothers' ship etc.

She teaches regularly in various dance studios in Prague.